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C I R C L E S  OF  C O N T R I B U T I O N

An integral part of the Microsoft Ventures Academy - Tapas MBA program, is the contribution to be made to the community.The program is free of charge, as a result ofthe desire to contribute and give back knowledge to the Start-upNation. The goal is to strengthen the strategic thinking of key members inthe Israeli society.


In lieu of payment, we require the participants to join the Circle of Contribution and thus accrue “10 more credit points” (10 hours). We are aware that most of you are alreadygiving back so much, to the country’s security amongst other areas, and it is our intention to make this program an example of how talented people can continue to show social responsibility, even during such busy periods of their lives.


You decide how you want to volunteer, choosing activities close to your heart and in line with your abilities. You can volunteer at any of the recommended organizations in the list and you can choose any other worthy service to the community.We request, and encourage, the participants to send updates regarding their voluntary activities, during the program, in order to inspire the other participants, their families and friends.


At the end of the course, the participants will write a short summary of their experiencesin the organizations in which they chose to volunteer and to which they contributed. These summaries along, perhaps, with some photos, will be posted on the website during the course and after its conclusion.We are confident that all of us will feel good in broadening the Circle of Contribution.


Oh - and how do we check if you are entitled to the “Ten points of credit”? The mechanism for following up on collection of credit points is based on the “Code of Honor”; that is – we believe you (and the summary that you send in).


Both optimists and pessimists contribute to our society. The optimist invents the airplane and the pessimist the parachute.” - G B Stern.



Organizations for Voluntary Work


  • Entrepreneurship and Technology

Kinetis Fund- providing lectures, workshops,accompanying school projects etc, about Israeli entrepreneurship in various fields

Unistream – Unistream’s fundamental mission is to empower high potential youth from underprivileged communities to realize their personal potential through a unique Junior MBA program, helping these youth to become leaders in social action and business entrepreneurship in their communities, throughout Israel and beyond. Unistream is honored to invite you to take part in a social venture of the highest importance. Dozens of volunteers like you are already providing training for hundreds of Israeli youth from different backgrounds, in different fields of business management, in the Unistream Junior MBA program. Become a volunteer/ for more information, 054-2373411.

MEET – Technological entrepreneurship connecting Jewish and Palestinian youth – requires mentors for the project teams, interesting lectures etc.

TA'ASIYEDA- Education towardsIndustry and Technology -require lecturers from the Hi-tech industry to give prewritten lectures at schools, encouraging students to chooseTechnology and Science matriculation tracks.


  • Children

First Hug - The association that takes care of abandoned babies with no parental presence, up until their adoption or foster care process is completed. This takes place in and around the hospital nurseries.

ZEVA – The association for extracurricular tutoring; at their centers around the country, once or twice a week.

Big Brothers Big Sisters – Committed adult volunteer mentors for girls and boys for a set period, assisting in the organization of activities and events throughout the year.

Bet Sabah Elazraki – A foster home in Netanya for children from 0 – 18 years; any volunteer work will be welcomed.

Make a Wish Foundation–Grants the wish of a child diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition – volunteers may be a Wish Granter assisting the child’s family in realizing the wish– or volunteer to assist production, organization, support etc.

The Oncology Department - Schneider Children's Medical, Dana-Dwek at Ichilov Medical Centre, Safra Children’s Hospital at Tel Hashomer – connecting with the Volunteer Department to visit the children or hold workshops or games, and to make the children happy during the holidays (bringing friends etc).


  • Youth

Shanti House– a home for youth at risk in Tel Aviv; theywould like lectures and gatherings focusing on interesting topics, mentoring etc.

ELEM– A non-profit organization for youth in distress; there are various projects throughout the country – such as volunteering for the Night Van; Hafuch on the beach; at Migdalor multicultural therapeutic centers etc.

Green Light – The Association for Safer Driving – giving prewritten lectures at schools; meeting with high school students at events organized by the Association.


  • Women

Women’s Spirit – Thefoundation offers women victims of violence - the tools and support with which to return to living a normative life; they are in need of women mentors, lecturers and supporters for women as well as assistance in the organization of events etc.

Jasmine -The Association of Businesswomen in Israel was established to realize the economic potential of businesswomen; they require mentors and supportand assistancein promotingwomen’s small businesses.

The Association of Rape Crisis Centers – They are in need of Hotline responders around the clock at the Center in Tel Aviv.


  • Nutritional Security Welfare

Leket Israel – Israel’s National Food Bank: gathering and picking in agricultural areas in the center and the north – intended for the needy.

Latet (‘to give’) – From Table to Table –food packages for needy families

Pitchon Lev (Open Heart) – Assistance in collecting donations for the needy: food packaging, food package distribution, collection of winter products.This association mainly functions in the center of Israel.

Lasova – Soup Kitchens –a number of cooking hours and food serving. 


  • General

ZE ZE– The organization arranges cool events and Fundraisers for social causes -creative projects such as the Street Philharmonic etc. Volunteers needed in all areas.

The Time Bank -The basic concept of this project is that “Time is Money”. An hour of giving in one area entitles one to an hour of receiving in a different area which may be chosen from the abilities that have accrued through giving to the community.





Microsoft and Social Citizenship


Microsoft is committed on creating a better tomorrow in the communities we are part of. The Citizenship field employees and employee volunteers are owners of this mission. The solutions they help drive everyday can help leverage the future of the next generation of leaders in all fields of life, to reach their profession of choice and help solve the growing social challenges we face today.MS GDC in Israel is part of a global network promoting processes and programs around education, inclusion, social entrepreneurship, and giving. In the past 5 years of our citizenship work we have accumulated expertise that is very much appreciated and serve as an important part of this global puzzle.


Our Citizenship mission

In the 21th century, understanding and using computing technologies will be a part of every aspect of the daily life and of every profession.To succeed as individuals, society and nation, all children shall successfully attain the required computer technological skill and proficiencies throughout their school years, while expanding the number of graduated that continue to study and work in a computer-sciences fields.


Day to Day

In order to fulfill our mission we offer employees a suitable framework that fits your daily work environment

The Tapas MBA hosted by Microsoft Ventures Academy program is an example of programs such as these.

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