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Course Modules


1. Business Law

2. ​General Management

3. Creative Accounting

4. ​Operation Management

5. Finance

​6. Finance (cont.)

7. Marketing & Sales

8. Marketing & Sales (cont.)

9. ​Negotiation

10. ​Organizational Behavior

​11. Organizational Behavior (cont.)

​12. Managerial Economics

​13. Entrepreneurship

The Starbucks Wi-Fi case.

​M&A at billion $ companies – Their business development unit may be your Exit.

Did Groupon use misleading Gross Margin prior to the IPO?

Pareto principle for Software bugs, crashes, and errors.

​The VC valuation method and 7 shades of Angels

1994-2002: Amazon Accumulative Deficit at Break Even point: $2.6B: PV of Losses.

Dual Incentive Method - DropBox.

The case of DuPont’s StainMaster- Promoting down the distribution chain.

​How Neat Group almost lost a multi-million investment from United Airlines: what happens to negotiation theories when your BATNA flips without any warning.

​​The corridor.

Who should I hire as a VP Marketing & Sales to penetrate the US market? (1) My buddy from the army (2) Industry executive (3) Who the hell knows.


IEC Case: Rational Ignorance.

​5Min: How to geniusly reinvent your initial strategy and end up as an AOL company.

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