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​Microsoft Ventures Academy- Tapas MBA Programmy 

The First Mini MBA in Israel

Goal 1: Developing creative thinking and leadership skills.

Goal 2: Learning the primary content learned in leading Business

School faculties in the United States.

Goal 3: Taking part in the “Circle of Contribution” Community Project.


For: Talented leaders and managers facing international business challenges

Length: 30 academic hours


Lecturer - Itai Kohavi

Comfy Interactive (IPO), Neat Group (Acquired), WEbook (Acquired)

Investor in Internet, consumer goods, and travel technology companies

Innovations expert, guest speaker at MBA programs at Columbia University, Kellogg-Recanati, other leading academic institutions and international conventions

Founder& CEO
Angel Investor
MBA, Speaker

Time & Location


10 meetings 


Location: Microsoft ILDC - Think Next Academy- Auditorium

Shenkar 13, Building No.5, Floor L2, Herzeliyya Pituach


Why Mini MBA?

Because you are interested in learning the most important principles of an MBA, but you do not intend dedicating a year or two to do so.

Because Mini MBA programs in the United States have gained a strong reputation and are in high demand by Senior Executives.

Because you are likely to ask yourselves how the founders of Microsoft, Google, Apple, Checkpoint, Dell and Facebook etc, succeeded without having a Masters in Business Administration.

Tapas MBA will help you answer the questions: “What do we gain from an MBA? How necessary is it?For whom?”


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Comments following recent lectures

"Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the TapasMBA program.  

It gave me knowledge, networking, new friends and most of all inspiration that will go with me my all life.

Special thanks for Itay for his efforts to make the lessons productive and enjoyable"

Kobi Bodek.



“I expected a lot from this program, and got more than I could hope for: a comprehensive glimpse into the nuances of the business world, allowing me to see through the fog covering them. Coming from a technological background and currently working on my own startup, this proved truly essential. Plus,Tapas was organized beautifully, facilitating endless networking opportunities. If only I could do this again for the first time..."

Eyal Eithcowich



Circles of contribution

An integral part of the Tapas MBA hosted by Microsoft Ventures Academy program, is the contribution to be made to the community.The program is free of charge, as a result ofthe desire to contribute and give back knowledge to the Start-upNation. The goal is to strengthen the strategic thinking of key members inthe Israeli society.


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Why Tapas MBA? 

  • The program is an unparalleled mix of theory and practice, from a person that has done it both.

  • Tapas MBA is based on the most recent courses of quality MBA programs in the United States.

  • Each lesson integrates the most updated theory and case studies based on international companies. 


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Microsoft and Citizenship

Microsoft is committed on creating a better tomorrow in the communities we are part of. The Citizenship field employees and employee volunteers are owners of this mission. The solutions they help drive everyday can help leverage the future of the next generation of leaders in all fields of life, to reach their profession of choice and help solve the growing social challenges we face today. MS GDC in Israel is part of a global network promoting processes and programs around education, inclusion, social entrepreneurship, and giving. In the past 5 years of our citizenship work we have accumulated expertise that is very much appreciated and serve as an important part of this global puzzle. The Tapas MBA and Microsoft Ventures Academy program is an example of programs such as these.

"Tapas MBA is a brilliant program, which helps entrepreneurs gain a much needed knowledge: How to manage, build and market your company to success. From finance, to legal, to product management and negotiations, the program gives gems of knowledge which are essential even to successful and experienced entrepreneurs. I highly recommend it"

Asaf Gendler




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